The POWERFAN® must only be used under the supervision of a compentent operator. Full guidance on the safe operation of the POWERFAN® can be found by referring to the POWERFAN® Standard Operating Procedures.

Inspection and Maintenance
  • Daily visual inspection
  • DROPE™ replacement every 20,000 descents or anually
  • Spring replacement every 12,000 descents or anually
  • POWERFAN® service every 250,000 descents or every two years.

The POWERFAN® is designed so that any competent person, in-house or otherwise, is able to carry out the basic maintenance (changing DROPES and springs, see below) and inspections. However, the Powerfan is a machine with moving parts and like any such machine it is important that a periodic workshop service is also carried out. Each POWERFAN® incorporates a descent counter to help regulate the basic maintenance and servicing schedules.

Unlike the traditional “Heath Robinson” style of fan descender the POWERFAN® uses a specially designed rope (called a DROPE™) rather than a cable. The DROPE™ will provide up to ten times the number of descents, is not susceptible to rust, kinking, twisting or fatigue through bending. Most impressively it has twice the tensile strength of cable - given the same diameter! Furthermore, it can be replaced by any competent person. The DROPE™ must be replaced at least every 20,000 descents or annually.

Each POWERFAN® incorporates an integral rewind mechanism to ensure a fast and efficient recall. This rewind mechanism is driven by a spring which must be replaced after a maximum of 12,000 descents or annually. Again, this can be done by any competent person.

Additionally there is a requirement for a periodic workshop service; however, this must only be done by POWERFAN® or a POWERFAN® representative approved specifically to carry out this work. This will be required after every 250,000 descents or every two years, whichever occurs soonest. The service requires that the POWERFAN® be returned to the POWERFAN® workshops for the work to be carried out.

Please refer to the POWERFAN® Inspection and Maintenance Manual for full details on the inspection and basic maintenance procedures.

The POWERFAN® Guarantee

The POWERFAN® has been beautifully and meticulously engineered to provide years of reliable operation.

Although every possible care has been taken in the design of the POWERFAN® and the device is tested 24 hours a day on a sophisticated test rig (simulating over half a million descents to date) the variety of environments that the POWERFAN® can be installed are tremendously diverse and the types and intensity of application equally varied. The POWERFAN® is already in service in coastal regions of the Arabian Desert and the Tropics. The conditions in such areas are excessively harsh and the POWERFAN® is continually subjected to salt spray, sand, high ultra-violet exposure, humidity and dust. Some recreational establishments subject the POWERFAN® to 500 descents a day – every day. Given such diversity the POWERFAN® guarantee is limited. Nevertheless we are hopeful that the main body of the device will last for years and for hundreds of thousands of descents but this will inevitably be under “normal” conditions and not in the desert or on an ocean going cruise liner where a shorter life span might reasonably be expected.

Nevertheless, subject to the conditions below, POWERFAN® will guarantee the POWERFAN® for two years.

This guarantee extends to operational effectiveness - under normal working conditions only - and does not include:

  • Damage caused as a consequence of improper use or installation
  • Damage that can reasonably be attributed to normal wear and tear or corrosion
  • The DROPE™
  • The rewind spring
  • The descent counter

Conditions of the Guarantee:

  • That the POWERFAN® is installed, operated and maintained in accordance with POWERFAN® recommendations.
  • That the number of descents (displayed on the integrated descent counter) is logged on the dedicated POWERFAN® web site at least every two months and ideally every month. Even zero descents must be logged!
  • That the POWERFAN® online maintenance log book is kept up to date
The Benefits of Recording Data Electronically

For safety purposes the POWERFAN® incorporates a digital counter to ensure that maintenance and service is carried out at the correct intervals. POWERFAN® has developed a dedicated website for all operators and it is a condition of the POWERFAN® guarantee that the number of descents for every month (even if this number is zero) is submitted on the website. This needs to be done at least every two months and will enable POWERFAN® to:

  • Email a reminder when the spring and DROPE™ will require replacement (N.B. this is no substitute for checking the counter before commencing descents each day and ensuring that that the service intervals are never exceeded). Please note that due to the vagaries of electronic systems, POWERFAN® can not guarantee that a reminder will be sent or that it will necessarily be received, but that all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that this service is reliable
  • Inform you if a recall of units becomes necessary after a given number of descents
  • Better understand when you will have a need for replacement springs and DROPES™ so that POWERFAN® can always ensure they are available for you

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