POWERFANS® can present some remarkable business opportunities.

For those with suitable locations, two possibilities exist – one is to license a POWERFAN® and the other is to become a POWERFAN® Partner.

In essence a Licensee will rent the POWERFAN® and have their own POWERFANNING™ business. Licensees will be responsible for all operations, marketing, insurances and the numerous other aspects to running their own business. POWERFAN® will support licensees in all areas that they need assistance.

Those that own (or that have access to) a suitable location and would like to benefit from the income that a POWERFANNING™ operation can bring without getting involved in operating such a business themselves would do well to consider becoming a POWERFANNING™ Partner. This involves POWERFAN® running the entire business and you receiving a percentage of the income generated from every descent.


All licences are subject to status and a comprehensive licence agreement intended to protect both the licensor and licensee.

Dependent on the proposed location and model of POWERFAN® it is expected that licensees may charge clients between £9 and £60 per descent.

POWERFANS®, under licence in the UK, are not permitted for use in a mobile capacity but instead are designed to be installed in permanent locations. The POWERFAN® mobile unit (POWERFAN®POD, with a 30 metre descent, is available for hire by special arrangement and can be tailored to meet your own promotional requirements or objectives.

There are normally three fees: the initial, rental and descent fee. The amount of these fees will vary depending upon the licensee and the proposed site. In essence the more attractive the site and the suitability of the licensee the more favourable will be the terms of the licence agreement.

  1. Licence Term: 3 Years
  2. Branding: POWERFAN® wish to promote the brand POWERFAN® but joint branding possibilities exist under certain circumstances
  3. Initial Fee: POWERFAN® will normally supply all the necessary operational equipment for a nominal fee (£1,500 - £20,000, depending on the site). Clearly, this does not reflect the real costs but serves as a contribution and commitment from the licensee
  4. Installation: At cost price
  5. Rental Fee: Varies in relation to the rental fee 
  6. Descent Fee: Varies in relation to the monthly fee
  7. Maintenance, inspections and ongoing support. Normally provided by POWERFAN® at no additional cost. We will rectify any problems within 48 hours of it being reported
  8. Training: To be provided at cost price
  1. Term of Agreement / Lease: 20+ Years
  2. Type of Location Required: Dropzone™ will consider the demographics and footfall (or potential footfall) of locations. In terms of descent height; all heights over 12 metres will be considered but generally the higher the drop the greater the potential for revenue generation.
  3. Branding: POWERFAN® wish to promote the brand POWERFAN® but joint branding possibilities exist under certain circumstances
  4. Costs: These are generally all covered by POWERFAN®
  5. Business Operation: This is generally all done by POWERFAN® although joint marketing is sometimes a possibility.
  6. Revenue Generation: A substantial percentage of all income is generally negotiated with POWERFAN® Partners.

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